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Our Customer Promise

Our Customer Promise sets out the five things we pledge to do for you

Our promise to you

The Customer Promise is all about building trust with our customers and being much clearer about what you can expect from us.

We've worked with a variety of residents and key stakeholders to develop these promises. Your input helped us to make sure they reflect what is most important to you.

Our people focus on these things everyday – so you know you can rely on us to make them happen.

We'll provide good quality homes and services for you

We want you to be happy in your community, so we'll:

  • maintain your home to a good standard
  • complete everyday repairs as quick as possible at a time that suits you
  • look after shared spaces to a good standard
  • build high quality, desirable homes
  • work with you and partner organisations to create vibrant, sustainable and happy communities

That’s why we're focused on improving and maintaining the quality of your homes and estates and why we aim to get your repairs completed more quickly.

It’s also why the L&Q Foundation will invest millions of pounds every year to create opportunities to support the aspirations of our residents and communities.

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L&Q Foundation

We create opportunities for people and strengthen communities we serve through the L&Q Foundation

We’ll make it easy for you to deal with us

We want you to have a great experience with us, so we'll:

  • do our part to make settling into your home as easy as we can
  • make it easier for you to get in touch and find the information you need
  • make payment transactions easier
  • clearly explain any changes to your rent and service charges
  • make it easier to book a repair appointment

That’s why we're making improvements to our lettings services and why we are transforming our service to meet your needs and expectations.

It’s also why we are investing in new ways for you to reach us in the way you want.

We’ll listen and act

We want you to trust us to be there on your side, so we'll:

  • always be friendly and helpful
  • be straight with you and clear about timescales
  • aim to resolve your query as quickly as possible
  • be here to help if you need it
  • keep you informed about what's happening
  • be upfront with you about our performance and what we're doing to improve

That’s why we train our people to keep improving and giving the best customer care and why we have a range of support services you can access if needed.

It’s also why we report our performance to resident groups and publish a Residents annual report.

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Residents report

Every year we report on our performance and what you can expect from us

We’ll put things right

We never want to let you down, but if we do we'll:

  • say sorry and sort it out as soon as we can
  • aim to fix things first time
  • check you are happy with the outcome
  • make it simple for you to complain
  • aim to resolve complaints in 10 days
  • learn from what we do well and where we need to do better

That’s why we're making improvements in the way we handle your complaints and why we have already invested in more resources to answer your queries quickly.

We’ll keep you safe

We want you to feel safe and secure in your home and community, so we'll:

  • keep your home dry and safe
  • keep shared spaces clean and safe
  • work with the relevant partners to help resolve issues causing concern to you and your community
  • offer support and work with our local partners to help ensure your wellbeing

That's why we carry out emergency repairs and regularly assess fire safety standards.

It’s also why we monitor and manage any antisocial behaviour and train our people to help keep you safe.

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Antisocial behaviour

We will support residents experiencing antisocial behaviour, and take decisive action to prevent it