Tenant Satisfaction Measures: Overall satisfaction

Your overall satisfaction with how well we’re doing at providing quality homes and services.

Low Cost Rental Accommodation (LCRA) satisfaction: 53%

Low Cost Home Ownership (LCHO) satisfaction: 31%

Overall, our first set of Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) results tell us that there are some key areas where we must get better, and we’re dedicated to listening to your voice to help us do this.

What we’re doing to improve

  • We’re one year into a £3 billion long-term major works programme which will improve the safety, comfort and environmental performance of resident’s homes and buildings – this will include fitting 48,000 new kitchens and 42,000 new bathrooms over the next 14 years, alongside a range of other improvements.
  • We're changing our repairs service so that we can deliver more everyday repairs, more quickly. We're doing this by delivering more large repairs through the above major works programme, and increasing the amount of day-to-day repairs we deliver first time
  • We’ve increased the size of our housing management and customer services teams, and put new training in place for all of our resident-facing colleagues, to help them communicate with you in a clearer, more empathetic and more timely way.
  • We’ve updated the way we train colleagues to identify, record information about, and support vulnerable residents, so we can recognise where you may need extra support more quickly. We’re carrying out visits to vulnerable residents to make sure we fully understand what type of needs we might need to make adjustments for
  • We’re addressing shared ownership satisfaction by looking at how we can simplify the way we work with building owners and managing agents in blocks where we’re not the owner, so that we have more control or influence over the services residents receive and pay for
  • We’ve also started a review about how we carry out affordability checks for new shared owners to reflect the rising cost of many services.

Our Tenant Satisfaction Measures report

For a more detailed description of our TSMs results, including what you’ve told us, and more on what we’re doing to improve, you can read our full report:

Read our TSMs report 2024 (PDF)