We’re sorry, but our rehousing service is temporarily closed to new referrals.

Latest update

We’ve temporarily paused new referrals to this service while we work through the number of families currently waiting to be offered a home.

As we have to offer most of our available properties to the local authority, only a small number each year are available for our rehousing service. Currently, there is a wait of 12-18 months for those who are registered for the service.

If you’re concerned about your safety while you remain in your home, please get in touch with our customer service centre.

Alternative options

Depending on your needs and personal circumstances, you may want to consider these alternative options:

Medical considerations

We’ve temporarily paused referrals to our rehousing service and will not assess any new medical applications submitted after 7 February 2022.

If you submitted a medical application before this date, please note that an independent medical advisor will still make an assessment on our behalf – and we'll base our decision after receiving the results of this assessment.

Once we've assessed your application, we’ll contact you to talk about your housing options and how we can help you further.

Here are a couple of scenarios we may consider to be an immediate and urgent need to move:

  • Scenario one
    You live in a third-floor flat without a lift and have a deteriorating medical condition which means that you can only manage one flight of stairs at a time, and because of this you are now confined to your home and reliant on friends and family to deliver shopping to you.
  • Scenario two
    You live in a two-bedroom house with your children and have a deteriorating medical condition which means that you are now permanently wheelchair-bound, so you need a level access property with adapted bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Please be aware that both of these examples would need verification from our independent medical advisor.

Things to consider

Referrals to our rehousing service are temporarily paused.  We’ll announce any updates to our service on this webpage.

Due to local arrangements, we’re unable to directly offer any of our properties in the London Boroughs of Lewisham and Tower Hamlets.

If you would like to live in Lewisham or Tower Hamlets, you’ll need to register with the following services:

Get in touch

For more information about registering with an external housing service, please contact our customer service centre or your local Lettings team. 

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