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Repairs and maintenance

Guidance on our new repairs offer and when to report a repair


Please note that as the pandemic is easing, we are experiencing very high demand for repairs, while at the same time there are national shortages of the materials and labour we need to complete these.

Unfortunately this means there is a long wait at the moment for non-urgent work.

We’re sorry – we know this is frustrating and we’re doing our best to fix this by working to recruit more tradespeople, improving the amount of work they can do, and increasing the number of contractors we use.

In the meantime, please be aware that if you are given an appointment for a non-urgent repair, this will be the soonest available date, and we will not be able to bring it forward.

Our priority will continue to be emergency works, such as an uncontainable water leaks or total loss of power.

We have updated our repairs and responsibilities offer for our residents.

Our new offer aims to make it clear what we’ll repair and what we expect our residents to repair.

Please note that we are expecting demand to be higher than normal in the first few months and it might take us longer than usual to complete your repair. However, our team are working hard to complete the backlog of demands and resume normal service.

To help us return to normal, we have made some changes to the way we work. We have created a new ‘Major Works’ category for larger follow-on works that will take more than three hours to complete.

If we identify these works as urgent, we will aim to complete the follow-on works as quickly as possible. If we identify these works as non-urgent, we will plan in and complete the works over a longer time frame allowing us to prioritise more routine urgent works.

We thank you for your patience during this period.

Learn more about our new repairs offer
Your repair responsibilities booklet

Tenant repairs responsibilities booklet

This booklet sets out how we expect you to look after your home and when we will carry out repairs
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Demos, guides and how-to videos

You can find all our how-to video guides on our YouTube channel
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Major repair works

Major works include items such as window or roof renewals, installation of door entry systems, and the decoration of communal and external areas

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