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Major works investment programme


As part of our Five-Year Strategy, we committed to investing in our existing homes.

Over the next 15 years, our Major Works Investment Programme will make sure all our homes are maintained at the Decent Homes Standard – a technical standard set by the government for public housing.

As part of this, we’ll be carrying out mechanical and engineering works, estate and environmental works, cyclical decorations, fire safety works, works to specialist L&Q Living (LQL) homes, and we’ll be working towards Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) C status across all homes.

This will include all L&Q homes, and is in addition to what we’ll spend to maintain Trafford Housing Trust homes at the Decent Homes Standard too.

The programme will cover all L&Q homes, so we’re pleased to say that at some point, every resident will see improvements carried out to their home.

We’re pleased to say that residents have been closely involved with the programme.

The Resident Services Board (RSB) is a formal part of our governance arrangements, reporting into our Group Board. They have been tasked by our Group Board to lead on overseeing the planning and monitoring of this programme.

The RSB has set out clear expectations to make sure a consistent, quality resident experience and consistent, quality information for residents.

You can find out more information about the programme below, including quarterly updates on how the programme is going.

Resident update for April 2022

The first update to our major works investment programme