We take reports of damp and mould very seriously. If you spot signs of damp or mould in your home please report it to us immediately, even if the problem is only small.

How to report damp and mould in your home

To report damp or mould, please get in touch with our customer service centre or your Neighbourhood Housing Lead.

What we’ll do to tackle damp and mould

There are lots of reasons that mould and damp can occur in homes. To make sure that every case is properly investigated we introduced our Healthy Homes programme in 2020, in partnership with ZapCarbon.

We focus on tackling the root cause of the problem and carry out any repairs needed to prevent damp and mould from reoccurring.

When a damp and mould problem is reported, specialists from ZapCarbon will visit and assess your home.

During their visit, they will identify the causes of the mould and advise on any repairs needed.

While at your home, they may also change your heating controls to help them perform better and work with you to help make changes that will prevent mould in the future.

To help tackle future mould growth, you may be offered a humidity and temperature sensor. The sensor sends alerts to let you know when conditions at your home may encourage mould growth.

ZapCarbon will then contact you with advice on how to reduce the risk of less severe cases of mould reoccurring.

Damp and mould frequently asked questions

  • What happens when I report damp and mould?
    • A referral is made to ZapCabon who will call you directly and arrange a visit 
    • At the visit, a Healthy Homes assessment will be carried out
    • ZapCarbon will provide us with a report advising on the severity issue
    • The outcome of the report will determine what treatment or repair is required
    • Should a repair be advised, the timeframe and duration of the repair will depend on the severity of the issue
  • How do you treat damp and mould?
    Where appropriate, experts will come in and clean any affected surfaces, before shielding them with an anti-mould agent to help prevent them from returning.

    In addition to this, we'll investigate the root cause of the problem, and carry out any repairs needed to tackle this.
  • Why does damp and mould occur?
    There are lots of reasons that damp and mould can occur in homes. These can range from there being too much moisture in the air to plumbing or ventilation faults, or more deep-seated problems with a building.

    You should always report damp and mould in your home as soon as possible by contacting our customer service centre. Damp and mould are easier to tackle when it is caught early.
  • How can I avoid damp and mould?
    Damp and mould can be caused by lots of things, however, there are some simple things that you can do to help avoid this problem appearing in your home.
  • Do I have to have a sensor fitted?
    No, but it is advisable to help monitor and manage the issue and help you remain safe and healthy in your home.

Our response to the Regulator of Social Housing’s letter on damp and mould

Together with the rest of the housing sector, we want to make sure that the tragic case of the passing of Awaab Ishak in Rochdale never happens again.

We will continue to deliver our Healthy Homes programme to tackle damp and mould, along with other interventions.

We were asked by the Regulator for Social Housing to provide a response about how we are tackling damp and mould in our resident's homes.