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Rent and service charges

Paying your rent helps us fund essential frontline services

Helpful information about your rent and service charges

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How to pay your rent

Guidance on how to make a payment online or over the phone
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Changes to rent from April 2021

Every year, we review the rent you pay for your home. Here’s what’s happening from April 2021
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Your management fees

We’ve changed how we set the management fees you pay, to makes things fairer and clearer
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Benefit and support with your rent payments

We have dedicated teams that can help if you need support paying your rent
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Service charges

Here you'll find out what new service charge items are appearing for the first time in 2021/22
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Consulting over charges (Section 20)

We are required by law to carry out formal consultation if works will cost more than £250 per household
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Administration charges

A brief summary of your rights and obligations in relation to administration charges