L&Q residents can get involved by giving their views on our services and the places where they live. Getting involved can help you make a real difference to your local area and can even give you extra experience and accreditations to get on at work.

You can get involved in a way that suits you. This can mean from your front room, street or from one of our offices. We are also very clear on exactly how much of your time we'll ask for. Some of the opportunities will take just five minutes of your time. 

There are four main ways for you to get involved and these are listed below - just click on the options to find out more:

Together all of our resident involvement opportunities help us to meet our housing regulator's (The Regulator of Social Housing) standards. The regulator requires us to involve our boards and residents in monitoring our performance and holding us to account a principle called co-regulation. Find out more about co-regulation.

For some forms of resident involvement, there are eligibility criteria. So, for example, we would expect you not to be in serious arrears to take part in a committee, group or forum.


What about travel and childcare?

If you attend a meeting, we will pay for your travel expenses, plus any childcare or carers expenses, so that you can take part.

Can I access training to help me get involved?

We have a number of training opportunities available to give you the skills and knowledge needed to take part in resident involvement. Whether you're new to resident involvement or have been involved for a long time - they will help you make a positive difference to both your neighbourhood and L&Q's services while improving your workplace skills. Find out more about opportunities, training and events in your area.

Are you interested in forming a tenant panel to try and help resolve complaints?

If you're interested in forming a tenant panel to help resolve complaints please visit our taking your complaint further page.