We work with residents at a strategic level to make sure we're doing what we say we will and to understand if we're making a positive difference.

Resident Services Board

The Resident Services Board (RSB) is a formal committee of our Group Board with equal status to other committees of the Group Board.

They oversee the delivery of customer services, the quality of services, and the impact of our wider resident involvement activity.

To find out more about their impact on our governance, download our Governance report 2022 (PDF)

They make sure we're doing what we say we will in our Customer Promise and that we're making a positive difference to residents.

They draw on important performance data, day-to-day resident feedback from complaints and our customer survey feedback.

They also get feedback from residents involved across the wider business and within our neighbourhoods, ensuring there is an ongoing feedback loop between how we're governed and the wider resident experience. 

Their purpose isn’t to respond to or address individual residents’ issues, but to make sure that the voices and experiences of all residents are being heard and taken into consideration in decisions that affect them.

Their overall aim is to push us to continually consider the resident perspective in everything we do.

Who are the RSB members?

The RSB is formed of ten members, nine of whom are L&Q residents – part of the terms of reference is that residents must always be in the majority of its membership.

They have a shared passion for improving services in all our communities and have worked tirelessly by being active members of regional committees, resident associations as well as neighbourhood champions.

With the real-life experience of being L&Q residents, many living with the impact of building safety issues, the members have empathy with our residents and can challenge our policies and processes and encourage us to listen to and involve residents to help us improve.

They bring with them a wealth of experience from working in both the private and public sectors and extensive volunteering.

Between them, they share a wide array of skills and knowledge gained in some diverse industries, from local government, housing and regeneration to the music industry, public health, human resources, environment, NHS, equalities and consultancies.

The RSB membership is currently full and the current members are in the middle of their term of service.

Future members of the RSB will be selected through an open recruitment process.  

Regional resident committees

Residents involved in these geographically based focused groups are helping us oversee our transition to a new housing management model and the alignment of Trafford Housing Trust to L&Q.

The vision for our new housing management model is to provide all residents with a more local service, based on smaller patches. This should make it easier for residents to get in touch with us and help us to listen and act when you do.

Reporting directly to the RSB, each committee helps us to improve the resident experience in different regions as well as our understanding of how effective and consistent our housing management service is across the country.

Register your interest in our Regional resident committees

Leaseholder forum

This group of leaseholders and shared owners work with us at a strategic level to improve the experience of all homeowners.

Based on homeowner feedback gathered from complaints and customer surveys, they've identified two areas for us to focus on: the quality and relevance of information received on a resident’s journey to completion and the quality and accuracy of information residents receive in their service charge.

They monitor the progress relevant teams are making with their service improvement plans in relation to the two priority areas.

They also identify and raise any issues with the RSB as well as actions to be taken forward with our teams ahead of the next forum.  

Register your interest in our Leaseholder forum

LGBT+ forum

This group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) residents meets to discuss housing issues affecting LGBT+ residents.

They recommend improvements to our policies and services to make them more inclusive and accessible. 

They also monitor our performance in relation to the HouseProud Pledge – a pledge we signed that demonstrates our commitment to LGBTQ+ resident support and equality.

Register your interest in our LGBT+ forum

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