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Sustainability at L&Q

As one of the UK’s largest housing associations, we have a duty to provide wider benefits to society, above and beyond homes – that's why sustainability is at the heart of our corporate strategy.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

We recognise the responsibility we hold as one of the UK’s largest housing associations.

We have a duty to deliver wider benefits to society, above and beyond providing homes, and those responsibilities are firmly embedded within our new five-year corporate strategy.

Read our latest corporate strategy: Future Shape (PDF).

As part of our new five-year corporate strategy, we're committed to putting sustainability at the heart of what we do by:

  • safeguarding the environment
  • making sure that we generate value for society
  • operating our business in a transparent and ethical manner
  • enabling sustainable economic and housing growth

To learn more, view our 2023 Sustainability report (PDF).

Our impact on the environment

We're committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our business and tackling the climate crisis – and our environmental efforts focus on the areas where we can have the biggest impact:

  • Climate Action – decarbonising our homes and activities, while future-proofing our business, residents and communities against the impacts of climate change
  • Resource Efficiency – using resources more efficiently and minimising the amount of waste produced during the construction, refurbishment and day-to-day management of operational assets
  • Healthy Places – maximising shared value by creating places that are healthy for both people and the planet

For more information, read our latest Environmental policy (PDF).

Our residents and the communities they live in

Everything we do begins with a social purpose. As a regulated charitable housing association, investment in our communities is an important part of staying true to our identity and reason for being.

All the money we make is reinvested into new and existing homes, services and the communities residents live in, enabling us to house and support those in greatest need.

Our distinct social purpose is expressed through the L&Q Foundation and L&Q Living.

How we operate

We take our regulatory, statutory and legislative responsibilities seriously.

Driven by our values and social purpose, the 250,000 residents who make their homes with us are our priority.

We're committed to involving our residents in shaping and developing our services. At the very highest level, we have resident representation on our Group Board.

We’ve also strengthened our governance arrangements by working with residents to create a Resident Services Board.

At a local level, we continue to have resident engagement through resident associations and neighbourhood champions.

Sustainability reporting

Our annual sustainability report details our environmental, social and governance goals. It also gives an update on our progress against targets and commitments made in previous year. 

In the report, we share examples of initiatives and programmes we have delivered, and we give an update on what areas our focus will be in the year ahead.

Read our 2023 sustainability report (PDF).

In 2023, we also published our first climate risk disclosure in line with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). 

We see this as an important step towards strengthening our governance, strategy and risk management relating to climate risks.

To learn more, view our latest TCFD disclosure (PDF).

Previous sustainability reports

Sustainability performance tables

Since 2022, we’ve been measuring our progress against our sustainability priorities.

To learn more, view our latest sustainability performance tables (PDF).

For greater transparency in the same year, we also adopted the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing.

Our sustainability finance framework

This kind of finance framework presents us with an opportunity to use our commitment to access future capital at potentially better rates.

For more information, view our latest sustainability finance framework (PDF).

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