We understand that personal circumstances change from time to time and you may need our assistance to update the ownership details of your home.

For example, when joint owners separate, and one owner wishes to transfer their ownership to someone else or into the sole name of the joint owner; or an existing owner wants to add a partner's legal interest.

Shared owners and Equity Loan customers

If you're a shared owner, we need to approve the request to transfer ownership and we’ll instruct our solicitors to draft a Transfer Deed. Please be aware that you will be responsible for the legal fees incurred.

If you are an equity loan customer you'll need a solicitor to act for you and we'll liaise directly with them. Please note that you'll be responsible for the legal fees incurred.

We always recommend that you seek legal and financial advice should you wish to discuss a transfer of ownership or your lending options. We have panels of independent solicitors and financial consultants who are dedicated to low cost home ownership and offer preferred rates to L&Q customers.

For more information about transferring your home, please contact us by email at staircasing@lqgroup.org.uk

Download the transfer request form (PDF)


If you're a leaseholder, generally you won’t need our permission to transfer your home to someone else, but you should always read through your lease together with any restrictions that may be in place on your property. If in doubt, please contact us, or seek independent legal advice.

For more information, you can email us at landlordsenquiries@lqgroup.org.uk


For all transfers, there are administration fees payable for dealing with your application and transfer. Where applicable, you will also be required to cover any legal fees associated with the transaction.

Useful documents

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L&Q's solicitors panel
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L&Q's financial consultants
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L&Q's homeowner administration fees