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Selling or transferring your home

Help with selling or transferring your home

If you're thinking about selling your home, or you want to add or remove someone from the ownership of the property, we can help you with that.

For shared ownership customers, you will need to let us know when you want to sell or transfer the ownership of your home.

If you're a leaseholder or a freeholder on one of our estates, normally you will be free to sell or transfer ownership, but there may be times that you will need our approval to do so. If you’re in any doubt you can speak with your solicitor or you can contact our customer service centre

Once a buyer is found for your home, solicitors will request management enquiries from L&Q  – information on landlords enquiries can be found below.

Some residents and buyers in our apartment blocks may experience issues securing mortgages as a result of changes in building safety advice. Please see our page on leaseholders who live in our apartment blocks.

Please get in touch with your lender or mortgage broker before applying to make sure that you do not incur any unnecessary valuation or solicitors' costs.

Find out how to sell or transfer your home

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Selling your shared ownership home

Here we describe the steps you must take to sell if you own less than 100% of your home
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Transferring ownership of your property

We understand that personal circumstances change from time to time and you may need our assistance to update the ownership details of your home
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Landlord enquiries process

Once a buyer has been found for your property, your solicitor will be expected to provide the buyer's solicitor with an LPE1