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Your housing management service

We know how important it is that should you need to contact us, we understand you, your home, and your neighbourhood so we can best support you. That’s why we introduced our Neighbourhood Housing Leads as your dedicated housing professional.

What is a Neighbourhood Housing Lead?

Your Neighbourhood Housing Lead (NHL) – previously known as a Housing Officer or Property Manager – is one of our locally-based housing management team members who are responsible for getting to know residents better, acting as an advocate to help resolve local issues and providing housing-related support to residents who need this.

In 2022, we introduced NHL as part of our new approach to housing management.

We also increased the size of our team by more than 60 roles and involved you, our residents, in the recruitment process to make sure that our team has the resident-focused approach needed for the role.

How NHL work

NHL operate on a patch-based approach, where each lead is responsible for around 550 homes.

They can help with providing information or advice, talking to you about any concerns you may have, helping with community issues and even supporting you to get more involved with L&Q.

If they can't help with something, where possible, they’ll signpost you to someone who can.

They should be visible in your community and have more time to spend with you and your neighbours. If you see them out and about, please do come and introduce yourself.

What can I talk to my NHL about?

Whether there are changes to your household or tenancy or you’ve got an issue you’d like help resolving, your NHL is here for you.

They can provide:

  • Guidance on tenancy or property matters
    Your NHL is here to assist you, from understanding service charges to accessing additional support services.

    They have access to specialist teams and resources across L&Q and can provide accurate information and advice whenever needed.
  • Resolutions to community issues
    Your NHL can address antisocial behaviour, waste management, parking, or breaches of tenancy.

    They take a proactive approach to maintaining a peaceful living environment for all residents
  • Communication with others on your behalf
    Your NHL can work closely with internal specialist teams within our Housing Management division and other dedicated teams across L&Q.

    They can also engage with organisations such as local authorities and other public bodies, to help address any problems you may have.
  • Financial and wellbeing support
    Your NHL is here to signpost you to financial and wellbeing support should you need it.

Your NHL can provide guidance and support about repairs. However, all repairs must be reported directly to our customer service centre.

To learn more about repairs and how to report an issue, please visit our repairs and maintenance page.

Your NHL will also carry out estate inspections in your neighbourhood. To find out more about this, please visit our estate inspections page.

How to contact your NHL

Your NHL will introduce themselves when they join a community, and where applicable, you'll find their details on the noticeboard in your building.

To contact your NHL or find out who they are, please get in touch with our customer service centre by calling 0300 456 9996.

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