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Buying your UpToYou, Rent to Homebuy, or London Living Rent home

UpToYou, Rent to Homebuy, and London Living Rent are all schemes that were introduced to assist people who aspire to home ownership. You will be currently renting through L&Q and you have the opportunity to buy your home either through Shared Ownership or outright.

You may be entitled to a discount on the share that you purchase, this will be outlined in your tenancy agreement. The discount is only given when buying a share of the property and not outright. There is no discount applicable for London Living Rent customers.

Am I eligible?

To qualify for buying your property:

  • you must be living in a L&Q rented home with either an UpToYou, Rent to Homebuy or London Living Rent tenancy
  • you must earn equal or less than £90,000 (household income). If you earn in excess of £90,000 we would expect you to purchase the property outright
  • you must have lived in the property for at least six months and passed the initial tenancy period
  • you will need to have sufficient funds to buy the home. These will need to cover the cost of buying and at least a 5-10% deposit required by most mortgage lenders to put towards your share
  • you must be adhering to the terms and conditions of your tenancy and not be in any rent or service charge arrears or be linked to antisocial behaviour
  • you must not be overcrowded and the home must meet your current needs
  • you must meet L&Q's Home Ownership criteria

What are the costs involved in buying my home? 

It is important to consider the cost and responsibilities of buying your own home before making the decision to go ahead. 

You should get your own independent financial advice before making any commitment. An independent Financial Advisor will be able to explain the costs of buying through this scheme.

We estimate you need access to around £5,000 - £10,000 to cover the cost of buying a home. This should include the following:

  • Legal costs
  • A fee for arranging a mortgage
  • Survey / valuation fee (if you arrange your own)
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

Please note, it is likely that you will also need savings for at least a 5% deposit for the share you are purchasing. This is a requirement of most mortgage lenders and can be discussed with your Financial Advisor when applying for your mortgage. 

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If you'd like to make an application to purchase your property please contact our Homeownership team by calling 0300 456 9998 or email us

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