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Home improvements and alterations

Find out whether you're eligible to make improvements to your home

As a homeowner, you may wish to make improvements or alterations to your home.

Here you can find out whether you are eligible to do so and which improvements might be subject to certain conditions, planning permission and other regulations.

The following improvements do not need our written consent, and we're happy for you to proceed with:

  • general re-decoration
  • fitting wardrobes or cabinets
  • replacing carpet flooring - this doesn’t include hard flooring, for example wooden and tiled
  • replacing interior light fittings and general accessories, for example curtain poles

You will need our permission to make improvements if we own the freehold of your home, or your home is on an L&Q estate where there are restrictions as to what improvements are acceptable.

For leasehold apartments and flats where we own the building that you live in or the estate or land on which it stands, please check your lease details about permissions required for improvements and alterations.

We will consider all applications for improvements or alterations affecting the building you live in and the surrounding areas. This includes communal areas, gardens, roof and loft spaces - but we must guarantee that the structure of the building remains safe for all occupants and ensure that any changes made do not adversely affect the rights of other individuals who live in the building.

On occasion, there may be a different freeholder who owns the building, estate or land that your home is situated on. In these situations the freeholder's permission is normally required – if it is not L&Q.

For leasehold shared ownership houses, it is likely that you purchased your home through shared ownership and, as such, we own a share of the house. This mean you will need our written permission for certain alterations until you own 100% of the property and become the freeholder.

For freehold houses on L&Q estates, there may be restrictions which do not allow you to undertake major home improvements without our consent.

The process explained

When you wish to make either minor or major alterations to your home you must complete our Home Improvement Request form (PDF) and email it to us.

To prevent delay with assessing your application please be as detailed as possible with what works you intend to carry out – as we deal with minor and major alterations slightly differently due to the level of work required to assess major alterations.

Based on the information you provide, we'll then confirm whether we require anymore documents in order to process your application and the costs involved.

Upon receipt of your application and any relevant documents, we will assess whether approval can be granted.

It should be noted that for major alterations for shared owners, we will expect that you own a minimum ownership of 50% of the property. We may expect you to staircase (buy more shares) should you own less than 50% and wish to undertake major works to your home.

Should a structural surveyor visit be required, we will notify you to ensure that you are aware of the associated fees.

We'll then advise you of the outcome and if the alterations or improvements require changes to your lease, we will request your solicitor's details in order for your lease to be varied.

It's important to know that you will be liable to cover your own legal fees as well as any legal fees that L&Q are required to pay.

The solicitors will progress the home improvement case accordingly and a Deed of Variation will be completed to make the necessary amendments to your lease.


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Please complete our Home Improvement Request form if you wish to make either minor or major alterations to your home and email it to our Homeowners team

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