What you need to know about our new gas safety contractors

We’re pleased to tell you we’ve appointed two new approved gas safety contractors.

The contractors are Swale Heating and K&T Heating, both of whom have an excellent reputation within housing. Depending on where you live, one of these contractors will cover your home.

From next month, you will receive a letter about your annual gas safety check if it’s due on or after 1 May.

We ask for your cooperation in allowing the contractors into your home to carry these inspections out. The inspections are a legal requirement for us and your safety and welfare is our number one priority.

The process for raising repairs will stay the same. You can either contact the customer support centre or request a repair online.

The new contractors will take over the responsibility of repair and installation works from 1 May.

If you would like any further information, please call us on 0300 456 9996.