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Ask Grace: Help to keep your home warm

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Help to keep your home warm

With the rising energy costs, we understand that paying these increased bills can be difficult for some people.

If you have additional needs because of your medical or personal circumstances, please get in touch with your energy supplier and ask about The Priority Services Register.

This is a free service which offers help to people in vulnerable situations. If you’re unsure who supplies your gas or electricity, you can search by your postcode here.

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Tips to keep your costs low:

  • Use gas central heating rather than individual electric heaters if you can, as the kWh price of gas is still a third cheaper than electricity
  • Set your thermostat to the recommended room temperature of 18 degrees so that the boiler doesn’t run constantly but only when the house falls below this temperature
  • Turn the radiator valve low or off in the rooms you're not using
  • Keep doors closed and use draught excluders to block gaps under doors
  • Wear layers of close-fitting clothes that will lock in the heat
  • Try to eat at least one hot meal a day, eat and have hot drinks regularly
  • Wear socks and slippers to keep your feet warm
  • Buy a thermal top, leggings, socks, hat and gloves and wear them indoors.

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