Antisocial behaviour (ASB) includes a wide range of unacceptable behaviours that can affect the quality of life. Here, you’ll find guidance on how to resolve any issues causing concern to you and your community.

Your home is your safe place, a place where you want to feel secure both inside and around your neighbourhood.

Sadly, we know that sometimes things like antisocial behaviour (ASB) can affect your quality of life, so it’s important that you know what is and isn’t ASB and what we can support you with and what should be reported to the police.

Types of ASB:

ASB includes a wide range of unacceptable behaviours, including:

  • hate-related incidents based on race, sexual orientation, gender, disability or belief
  • verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation or threatening behaviour
  • vandalism or damage to properties
  • prostitution, sexual acts or kerb-crawling
  • criminal behaviour
  • misuse of communal or public areas
  • physical violence
  • domestic abuse

How to report ASB

You should always contact the police on 999 if the risk is imminent. Otherwise, you can report the offence on the website or by calling 101.

Once you have a crime reference number, the quickest way to report ASB to us is by completing our online form.

Report ASB

You can also call 0300 456 9996 or get in touch with your Neighbourhood Housing Lead. 

What we don't consider to be ASB

ASB can be difficult to define, and although often annoying, some types of behaviours are not classed as antisocial, including:

  • children playing in the street or communal areas – unless they're causing damage to your home
  • cooking smells
  • DIY in reasonable hours
  • minor car repairs
  • young people gathering socially – unless they are rowdy, inconsiderate and intimidating to individuals
  • someone parking lawfully outside your home
  • civic disputes between neighbours (boundary issues or shared driveways)

If you're a victim or witness of ASB

Please visit our frequently asked questions section to find out more about what we'll do if you're a victim or witness of ASB.

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