L&Q is driven by a social purpose which has always gone beyond just building houses. Our mission is to create homes and neighbourhoods that we can be proud of and the work of the L&Q Foundation is fundamental to this.

We set up the L&Q Foundation in 2011 which brought together all our social and economic programmes in one place. The L&Q Foundation continues to develop and fund social interventions that improves people’s chances in life and creates opportunities in our communities.

Our new three-year strategy will see us support our social housing tenants and members of their household to live independent lives, and help them sustain their tenancies with us. Alongside this we will invest in activities that increase opportunity and aspiration for both individuals and the wider communities we create and manage.

The latest foundation strategy is driven by three long term challenges:

  • Increased levels of vulnerability amongst our residents
  • The challenge of creating a sense of place
  • A decrease in social mobility in our communities

Our foundation will work with others to mitigate the effects of these three challenges and where feasible reverse them. We will do this by investing in three strategic pillars to ensure we get the best outcomes for our residents and greatest social return on our investment for the organisation.

The three strategic pillars are:

10m annual fund

The L&Q Foundation is funded each year by L&Q. Over the next three years it is our intention to invest £30 million into L&Q's residents and communities. The L&Q Foundation distributes funding through invitation or open tendering. Please contact L&Q and ask to speak to a member of the L&Q Foundation team or email us if you would like more information.

Foundation Strategy

Read the L&Q Foundation strategy for 2017:

Front cover of planned maintenance booklet

L&Q Foundation strategy (1.7mb pdf)


An introduction to the L&Q Foundation

The L&Q Foundation support individuals and families to live resilient, independent lives and creates opportunities in our communities.