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Turlogh O'Brien scholarship programme

The L&Q Foundation is helping ambitious students study for a degree at university and strive for a better future.

Welcome to the Turlogh O'Brien scholarship programme

When someone starts at a disadvantage, their opportunity for hope can be narrow. There is little space for inspiration, creativity or dreams – the very things that we believe are fundamental to being young.

At L&Q, we believe that everyone deserves the same chances in life, no matter what their background is or where they live. That’s why we launched our Turlogh O’Brien scholarships in 2017 to give young people living in financially excluded households an accessible route into higher education.

Since then, we’ve supported over 20 students to study for a degree at a university of their choice.

Named after L&Q’s previous Chairman, the Turlogh O’Brien programme is being funded by the L&Q Foundation and consists of three annual £6,000 contributions towards the student’s tuition fees.

Adam's story

My name is Adam, and I am 21 years old. I am doing a degree in Photography. It’s going really well so far; I am working hard to develop my practice and to get my visual work to a point I am happy with.

I am currently living away from home in a privately rented student house, and I’m hoping to stay in this area after my course finishes.

I am hoping to get into the advertising and marketing industry with my photography, working with brands to create promotional materials to support their campaigns.

Going to university has really helped me grow as a person. Before coming here my confidence was minimal and so was my independence. Now I feel more grown up and able to do certain things by myself.

I see myself staying in Norwich after university if I can afford to. I’m aiming to work freelance to grow my practice in advertising and marketing. Being able to work in social media marketing is my ultimate end goal.

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Che's story

My name is Che, I’m 26 years old, and I am currently studying Business Management at Roehampton University. My second year went really well, and I finished with exam marks that were much higher than I anticipated.

What I’m looking forward to the most in my third – and final - year of the degree is the marketing modules, a special interest of mine. I’ve covered all the business fundamentals, which I found to be harder, and now I hope to excel in the marketing side of things – an area I enjoy learning about.

I think I’ve definitely matured since starting my university course. I’ve seen a lot of change in myself in how I approach work and my attitude towards it. Especially in terms of how much time I spend on each assignment. Before I would only give myself a couple of weeks to get it done, now I make sure I start to prepare months in advance.

The scholarship from L&Q has meant I have one less financial strain to worry about, and it’s how much I would have paid had I been able to go to university after finishing school. Being fortunate enough to have lower fees has given me the headspace to focus on my career – and for that, I’m very grateful.

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Yvanah's story

My name is Yvanah and I am currently studying Games Design at Bournemouth university. I live with my friends in a house near my campus, which is very convenient.

At the moment, I am interested in either data analysis or becoming a community manager/'public figure' within the games industry.

Going to University has allowed me to learn a lot about who I am - as cliché as that sounds- and what it is that I want from life. I really appreciate having access to all these learning resources.

In the future, my main goal is to work in the games industry, and hopefully work in a job and live a life that is fulfilling, enjoyable and true to me.

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