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About the L&Q Foundation

The Foundation brings together all our social and economic programmes in one place
Our mission is to create positive, lasting change for our residents that help them live healthy, independent lives in thriving communities.

We spoke to our residents to find out what is important to you and this helped us define our priorities. We have identified six long-term outcomes we want to work towards and we have grouped these into ‘People’ – our residents -  and ‘Place’ – communities where our residents live.


  • Children and young people living in local communities are better equipped with skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive in life
  • Residents' incomes are increased and maximised, supporting them to live independently
  • Residents are more resilient to changes in personal circumstances through increased levels of wellbeing


  • We will use our role as an employer, developer and anchor organisation in local communities to contribute to its social purpose
  • Improved social sustainability across existing and new communities
  • Voluntary and community organisations are strong and sustainable

Demonstrating our impact

One of our values is ‘impact’ – we want to measure what we do by the difference we make. The L&Q Foundation wants to make sure we're having the right impact. So, we're collecting evidence through our monitoring and evaluation framework.

We measure our impact, so we can see the effectiveness of our projects, whether they demonstrate value for money and to hold us accountable. It also helps us to understand what works well so we can use evidence to plan future projects.

We're using the Housing Associations' Charitable Trust's (HACT) Wellbeing Valuation Approach to calculate the social return on investment. Last year, for every £1 invested in our activities, we generated £3 in social value.

Our latest financial statement

In this report we set out how we performed between April 2020 and March 2021

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