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Ethics and diversity

We draw strength from our differences

Diversity and inclusion is vital to delivering our social mission

In recognition of its importance to the success of our organisation, inclusion is one of our five core values.

It’s an important part of our social contract with residents and stakeholders that the people in our organisation reflect the wider community.

Bringing together a diverse range of people also helps us perform to our best, whether delivering great services, investing in the quality of our homes or realising our ambitions to build more to help solve the housing crisis.

Our pay gaps in 2020


Gender pay gap
(2019: 1.3%)


Ethnicity pay gap
(2019: 3.1%)


Disability pay gap
(2019: -4.7%)

We are proud of our inclusive culture and want to be a place where everyone can be themselves at work.

Our people can be confident that difference is not only accepted but celebrated at L&Q.

We are proactively anti-hate and all our people are recruited, trained and held to account on the basis that discrimination in any form is unacceptable.

We support our people to be good allies and represent and amplify the voices of minority groups in the organisation and wider community.

Building services and homes that meet the needs of our diverse resident community is at the heart of this work. The online resident community and the LGBT resident forum are crucial partners in helping us get this right.

We have four staff network groups run by people from across L&Q


Our disability network


Our gender equality network


Our cultural diversity network


Our LGBT+ network

We also have our staff wellbeing programme – iMatter.