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FAQs for Trafford and North West residents

Trafford Housing Trust (THT) and L&Q came together as one organisation on 31 March 2023. THT no longer exists as a separate organisation.

Fully integrating THT into the L&Q Group means we can invest more in improving homes, services and communities in the North West of England, and build more new homes for people who need them.

  • Has my landlord changed?
    Yes. If you were previously a tenant or leaseholder of THT, L&Q is now your landlord, but your home, tenancy, lease, services and rights will continue as they were with THT.
  • Do I need to sign or do anything?
    No. Your previous THT tenancy or lease has now automatically transferred to L&Q. You don’t need to do anything.
  • Are my rights as a tenant or leaseholder affected?
    No. All the legal rights you had as a THT resident will continue with L&Q. This means that:
    • your tenancy agreement or lease hasn’t changed and will continue unaffected
    • all your rights under your tenancy agreement and housing law remain the same – you can, for example, still pass on your tenancy and carry out a mutual exchange or exercise the preserved Right to Buy / Acquire, if your THT tenancy agreement allowed you to
    • you have the same ‘security of tenure’ as you had with THT, including the right to remain in your home for the duration of the tenancy
    • for leaseholders, your lease and the terms within it remain the same, although your landlord is now L&Q
  • Will my rent or service charge increase?
    L&Q is a Registered Provider of social housing like THT was, so as an L&Q resident your rent will continue to be set in line with the same government guidelines used previously by THT.

    Service charges will continue to be set under the terms of your tenancy or lease as they were previously.
  • Does becoming an L&Q resident affect services in Trafford?
    We aim to provide consistently high-quality services across the L&Q Group, and we're committed to making sure high levels of resident satisfaction continue in Trafford.

    You'll continue to have high-quality services delivered locally by our teams, from a local office based in Trafford.
  • Is the same team delivering services locally?
    There is very little change to the colleagues delivering services in Trafford and the North West.

    THT staff have transferred into L&Q and are now L&Q employees, and continue to deliver services locally, making sure knowledge of residents and neighbourhoods in Trafford continues.
  • Can I still move home or be rehoused?
    All your rights under your tenancy agreement and housing law will remain the same, so your rights and options for moving to a different home will remain the same, such as carrying out a mutual exchange, passing on a tenancy, or applying for rehousing.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email our customer service centre or call 0300 777 7777.