What L&Q are doing to tackle damp and mould

Published on 23/01/2023

L&Q have been proactively tackling damp and mould since April 2020 through our Healthy Homes programme. In the first 18 months of the programme, we undertook 14,060 visits, and we continue to undertake more visits regularly.

The Healthy Homes programme is delivered with mould eradicator specialist Zap Carbon.

When a case of damp and mould is reported, Zap Carbon conduct a Healthy Homes assessment to identify the root cause of the problem.

In nearly all cases, mould removal and shielding are undertaken. Damp and mould advice is also provided to residents, and humidity sensors are fitted unless refused. Nearly 11,000 sensors have been fitted to date.

These remotely track both internal and external temperatures along with humidity, providing alerts when the conditions are conducive for mould growth.

In these circumstances, residents are proactively contacted to understand the issue and provide advice and assistance.

This ongoing monitoring and intervention reduces the risk of mould and damp returning.

The data captured from the sensors are also being used to help us prioritise our proactive major works investment.

The size of the dedicated internal colleague team managing damp and mould at L&Q has increased from two to 10 staff since August 2021.

All recommendations by the mould eradicator specialist are now allocated to contractors within ten working days. On average, 40 recommendations are received each day.

Recently we have taken further measures to ensure we are providing our residents with the right service and advice. This includes:

  • Additional specialist training for our surveyors
  • Awareness training for our Neighbourhood Housing Leads and back-office staff
  • A review of our processes for reporting across the business
  • We have reshared our translation service with our supply chain that carries out our damp and mould inspections
  • We have updated our website

For more information, visit our damp and mould page