Changes to our Pets Policy

Published on 25/08/2021

We’ve updated our Pets Policy so that residents in a building where L&Q is the freeholder will now be allowed to own up to two dogs and two cats without asking for our permission.

Residents will still be required to notify us if they do get a dog via this online form. They will also need to confirm the breed, that it is microchipped, neutered, and that they will comply with all of our responsible pet owner expectations. Failure to do so may result in them being told to rehouse the dog.

Assistance dogs are classed as auxiliary aids rather than pets. This means that owners of these dogs are not required to complete the registration form.

Read our full Pets Policy (PDF).

It is important to note that there will be no amends to current leases. This means that if a resident lives in a building where L&Q is the freeholder, they should simply ignore the current clause in their lease that states they must ask for our permission to own a pet. We will not be enforcing this clause following the review of our Pets Policy.

In cases where L&Q is not the freeholder or it is agency managed residents will need to check if the terms of their tenancy agreement or lease allows them to own a pet. If the lease states no pets are allowed, they contact us via the Customer Service Centre. A Customer Service Centre colleague will then raise an action with the relevant Property Manager, who will have a discussion with the freeholder to see if there is any room for negotiation.

The review comes following recent changes to government advice, resident lobbying, and the widespread acceptance of the mental and physical health benefits that pet ownership can bring.

Our residents have lobbied for a review of our Pets Policy for a long time and our Customer Insight team found that 58% of the residents in our research community were in favour of the proposed change. A further 19% of residents were of no fixed view, while just 24% disagreed with the policy. Those in favour felt this change would help combat loneliness, improve people’s mental and physical wellbeing, and grant them more freedom.

Some said:

“I think it is admirable that L&Q intend to embrace a change in current rules as regards the keeping of a dog.”

“We have all seen the benefits to people’s personal well-being when dogs are taken into residential homes and hospitals.”

“Pets don’t hold resentment if they have to stay in while you pop out and are thrilled when you arrive back. They bear no grudges and offer no opinions. Just a wagging tail and hope you are as pleased to see them as they are to see you.”

“We are planning to sell our property and move to the 1000s of London properties that are now advertising pet-friendly policies in May if L&Q do not update their policy…. this is L&Qs opportunity to move with the tide, and I really hope you take this opportunity.”

Ultimately, we believe that allowing residents to own a dog is the ‘right thing to do’ and will allow us to foster an adult relationship with our residents of mutual respect and understanding.