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If you have or would like to keep a pet dog or dogs in your home, please complete the registration form below.*
*Subject to requirement by the terms of your tenancy/lease agreement if L&Q is not the freeholder and being compliant with our Pets policy.

L&Q's Pets policy

We strongly advise, if you have not yet, to read our Pets policy so that you are fully aware of your responsibilities as a pet owner before you complete this form

If you would like to register more than two dogs, please get in touch with our customer service centre by calling 0300 456 9996.

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Where can I find my tenancy or customer reference?

You will find your tenancy or customer reference on your latest rent statement or service charge letter. Please contact our team if you don't have it.

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Read and sign the section below

I understand that providing false information or breaching responsible pet owner expectations can lead to enforcement action which may include being asked to rehouse the dog.


I confirm and agree that the above information is true and correct in all respects, at the same time I agree as a pet/s owner to look after my dog or dogs by following L&Q's Pet Policy:

  • I will not mistreat the pet/s
  • I will ensure the pet/s has/have appropriate access to health care
  • I am fully responsible for the behaviour of the pet/s
  • Any nuisance caused by the pet/s will be treated as a breach of my tenancy/ lease
  • I will find the pet/s another suitable home if it/they cause a nuisance to other people that live near me
  • I will not make any alterations to my home to accommodate a pet/s without gaining prior permission from L&Q. This includes installing a cat/dog flap in the front door of a flat

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By printing your name, you are signing to confirm and agree that the above information is true and correct in all respects.

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