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Helping us shape our performance measures

Your feedback on performance measures

We reached out to members of the L&Q and you! online community, this January and February, for feedback on some new performance measures. We will use this to evaluate housing providers’ performance.

The housing regulator is proposing a mixture of satisfaction and business performance measures that will evaluate all housing providers in the sector, and these results will be published.

We wanted to find out if our residents agree with the proposed measures and any suggestions for additional measures. 870 of you shared your views with us – below is the key findings.

84% of you think publishing performance measures for all housing providers is a good idea, only 2% disagree with the idea. You told us it’s because transparency and accountability matter and want more information shared.

Overall, you agree with the proposed measures, and particularly support the measures that look at levels of satisfaction, such as resident satisfaction with time taken to complete a repair or quality of the repair.

The feedback contained suggestions for additional measures or proof that we are monitoring, including:

  • communicating with residents throughout the repairs and complaints process
  • engaging with residents in the way they desire
  • the quality of services delivered through inspections and visits
  • satisfaction with time taken to resolve a complaint
  • satisfaction with the action taken by us when a resolution is offered, or case is closed

As a housing provider, we have a responsibility to ensure the data is reported accurately and provides a fair overall view of performance, so the sector and residents can have confidence in the measures.

When it comes to measuring satisfaction with how complaints or antisocial behaviour cases are handled, most you think a survey sent immediately after the case is closed, is the most effective way of assessing satisfaction, versus an annual survey.

We run a wide range of customer satisfaction surveys to constantly assess resident satisfaction with our services.

We incorporated top line results from this survey into our corporate consultation response to the Regulator of Social Housing’s Consultation - that’s on the Introduction of Tenant Satisfaction Measures which followed in March.

The regulator is currently in the process of reviewing submissions and reflecting on views sent from all those (landlords, residents, and other interested parties) who submitted consultation responses.

We will share a report on the survey with all relevant departments across L&Q, as it provides a useful evidence base for shaping improvement programmes.

We are currently in the process of changing the way we report on performance on our website, and the survey will help us understand what information you want to hear from us and how you want it presented.