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Resident Involvement Training Scheme

Free training on your rights as a resident

You may have seen the government’s Four Million Homes campaign that offers guidance and training on your rights as a social housing resident and how to stand up for them.

The training covers repairs and maintenance, anti-social behaviour, dealing with your landlord and much more. There are free monthly webinar sessions and events which you can choose to attend in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and London.

What L&Q is doing

In addition to the Government training, we have recently set up a training and peer learning programme specifically for L&Q residents which covers a wide range of topics like looking out for your neighbours, staying safe in your home and running a successful Residents’ Association.

The peer learning sessions are an opportunity for L&Q staff and residents to come together to share good practice on issues where they have a shared interest and expertise.

We held our first session on 4 April virtually, looking at working together to stay safe in your home. At the session, residents heard from Pete Paton, Head of Strategic Building Safety, and Jordan Weaver, Fire Safety Engagement Manager on our building and fire safety programme.

At the second session, established and emerging Residents’ Associations joined our Resident Involvement team and TPAS (tenant engagement experts) to understand the aims and benefits of Residents’ Associations. We discussed how to encourage membership and overcome the barriers that prevent membership, the different roles and responsibilities and the importance of partnership working and setting goals.

Attendees welcomed the opportunity to connect with other L&Q residents to share experiences and good practice with some looking to connect off line to continue to work together.

The feedback from residents was that the day was very useful and they really enjoyed coming together and meeting other people from Residents’ Associations. Many were very keen to help each other and will remain in contact.

How you can get involved

Future L&Q sessions will include:

  • Building and fire safety, Part 2
  • Tenancy fraud – when a tenant gives false information to get a property or sublets a property to someone else
  • Looking out for your neighbours with a particular focus on safeguarding and dementia friends
  • To get involved and hear more about our sessions please register your interest on our webform.