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New housing management service

We’re launching our new housing management service

As you will know by now, we're making changes to our Housing Management team.

We want to make sure that you have housing managers who are more visible and have the time and skills to provide the reliable support and services you want from us.

Our new service will be in place from Monday 30 May 2022, but please bear with us while we continue to recruit for the remaining vacancies as we don’t quite have a full team just yet.

You can find more information on the new service, and how it may impact you below

Why are we changing the service?

  • We want to improve how satisfied you are with us, our performance and demand
  • We know that sometimes you have to work too hard at the moment – our structures are complex and confusing
  • Residents want a consistent point of contact and to see us more
  • Residents want us to do what we say and be responsive
  • We need to provide consistency for residents when colleagues are absent
  • We need a plan in place for key resident-facing roles to make sure that we have people waiting to take on these roles

What we’re trying to achieve

  • Reliable, repeatable and consistent services
  • An upskilled, focused and energised delivery of housing management services focussed around residents 
  • Housing management patches that are aligned to local authority areas
  • Teams that are visible and proactive in neighbourhoods
  • A traditional and local Housing Management service, where we know our residents and they know us

We need to build trust, to work harder to re-build trust where it has been lost, and to make things easier for you. We’ll do what we say, every time.

The new service

Our Housing Management teams will be split into four ‘Areas,’ aligned with local authority areas to avoid confusion.

As part of the new service, Neighbourhood Housing Leads will replace the Property Manager and Tenancy Management Officer roles, taking a local approach to delivering services to a patch size of around 550 homes each.

This will mean we’ll have a more visible presence on the ground, and it’ll be easier for you to reach us.

Our Neighbourhood Housing Leads will support individual residents and communities. We’re keen that they work closely within communities and alongside residents, as well as local stakeholders.

We’ll also have specialists in place who will help our frontline colleagues to deal with complex antisocial behaviour, to support vulnerable residents, and to improve things that we know matter to you, such as grounds maintenance and cleaning.

When you’ll hear from your Neighbourhood Housing lead

Neighbourhood Housing Leads will be the primary point of contact between you and us. They’ll write to you to introduce themselves over the coming weeks. An updated poster will soon be on display on noticeboards, with Neighbourhood Housing Lead contact details and other useful information.

What to expect when you get in touch

Calls and queries should always be firstly sent to the Neighbourhood Housing Lead. Where connecting the call to the Neighbourhood Housing Lead isn’t possible, calls will be put through to a Housing Assistant who will be able to answer most routine queries. We’re keen that there is always someone for you to chat with during normal working hours as we know that this often resolves things quicker.

Monitoring our progress

As with anything new, it’s important that we check how things are going. We will be developing a way to check whether our newly designed way of working is improving your experience with us, soon. In the meantime, please do let us know if you have any feedback or questions.