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How safe do you feel in your home?

You said, we did!

We recently conducted a survey to find out how safe you feel in and around your home. 1,085 of you from the online community L&Q and You! took part in the survey and here’s what we found.

Seventy-four percent of you said you feel safe in your home – that’s a rise since 2019 when 60% of you said you feel safe.

Fourteen percent of you said you feel safer now, compared to a few years ago. That’s an overall increase in scores. 

You said the top five things that make you feel unsafe in and around your home are:

  • high levels of crime / antisocial behaviour (ASB)
  • reports or complaints of ASB / crime not dealt with effectively
  • broken or no CCTV
  • broken or unsecured communal door to the building
  • poorly lit external communal area

Following these results, our Housing Quality Assurance team and our Housing Management team have worked to develop a series of actions to improve our resident’s sense of security.

Our new operating model will look to develop a ‘Heat Map’ showing us where we need to focus on tailored action plans to deal with antisocial behaviour.

Our Housing colleagues will also develop localised improvement plans such as estate visits to ensure our communal doors provide the security they were designed to offer.