Be aware of grass fires

This summer we are experiencing long periods of hot and dry weather which can increase the risk of grass fires. Extremely dry grass can burn quickly and spread great distances.

The most common causes of grassland fires are:

  • cigarettes - Discarded cigarettes thrown from a moving car or dropped on the ground and not properly extinguished, can be blown into dry grass causing a grassland fire
  • broken glass - Broken glass from discarded bottles can start fires too. If left on or near dry grass,    glass can easily magnify the sun to start a fire
  • disposable barbecues - Disposable barbecues left to burn out after use can cause fires from smouldering ash and embers being carried by the wind onto areas of dry grass
  • bonfires - Open air fires used for cooking, celebrations or to clear rubbish, if left unattended, can quickly spread to grassland and even garden fences.

These simple tips can keep us all safe from these unexpected summer fires:

  • don’t drop cigarettes or anything that can burn on dry ground
  • don’t throw cigarettes out of car windows as they may end up on dry grass by the roadside
  • don’t leave glass bottles on the floor, safely recycle them
  • don't have barbecues in parks and grassland areas
  • never leave barbecues and bonfires unattended and plan how you will extinguish them after you have finished with them
  • position your barbecue on solid stone ground away from anything that may catch fire (fences, trees, sheds, tents etc.)
  • don’t barbecue on balconies as the wind may carry smouldering ash towards nearby grassland
  • disposable barbecues need to be put right out and cooled before being removed and disposed of
  • be extra cautious on a windy day as blown smouldering embers will be difficult to control.

Grass fires spread extremely fast so if you see dry grass smouldering, please call 999 and report it immediately.