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Ask Grace: Unclaimed welfare benefits

Unclaimed welfare benefits

Households in the UK lose around £15 billion each year by not claiming the financial support they are entitled to. Sadly, families with the lowest income are the most affected.

Why don’t people claim?

  • They don’t know about the help available
  • They don’t feel that they can ask for help

What benefits don’t get claimed?

£millionUnclaimed benefitAdditional money to help
 £2.7Housing benefitPay your rent
 £2.6Council tax supportPay your Council Tax bill
 £2.5Working tax creditWorking people on a low income
 £2.4Child tax creditPeople with children
 £2.1Pension creditPensioners with low income

What benefits can I claim?

You can complete an online benefit checker to find out.

A-Z of benefits

To search by your situation, please visit the Turn2us website.

Get advice

Rules governing benefit entitlement can be complex, so if in doubt seek help from Pound Advice, who provide FREE, confidential advice and support with benefits, budgeting, and debt for L&Q residents.

The government suggests it may uprate benefits in line with inflation, so encourage friends and family to check and claim what they are entitled to.

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