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Alert and Response service to the rescue


February 2024

“Having a pendant watch has made me feel very safe and reassured.”

These are the words of L&Q Living’s Alert and Response customer, Vera Clarke. The 85-year-old, a keen hobbyist, lives in an L&Q home in Newhaven. Unfortunately, she had a nasty fall earlier this year and needed hospital treatment. “I fell and split my ear open and needed several stitches,” said Vera.

“Thankfully, as I was wearing my alarm watch, I was able to press for help very quickly. Having the watch has made me feel very safe and reassured. I’m pleased to have it.”

L&Q’s Alert and Response service is a personal alarm service designed to offer you peace of mind while respecting and supporting your independence. It's an affordable service that can be there for you or your loved one, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through specialised equipment linked to our in-house control centre.

While Vera has chosen a watch alarm as her preferred choice, our Alert and Response service has plenty of product options available, including the popular discreet pendant alarms worn around the neck, or motion sensor, which can help to alert loved ones if you need support.

Alert and Response is available to all L&Q residents, as well as non-residents.

Call us today on 0300 777 777 to speak to a member of our team or to request a brochure with the full product range.