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The Place Makers Fund

We are helping to fund projects that will support and enhance local communities

Welcome to the Place Makers Fund

The Place Makers Fund awards grants to local organisations and charities who are committed to changing lives and enhancing communities.

It's run by our grant management partners, Rocket Science, using funds from the L&Q Foundation.

All funded projects will support the Foundation to create positive, lasting change for our residents, that help them live healthy, independent lives in thriving communities.

We do this through two strands of work – our residents, People, and the communities where they live, Place.

See how it works:

  • Place Makers Local
    Place Makers Local replaced the previous Neighbourhood Committee Fund. It aims to develop and support local, community-led and place-based projects that reflect the needs of the local area and the L&Q Foundation's broader strategic priorities.

    The Place Maker Local programme will be overseen by eight Neighbourhood Committees contained within the four regions of L&Q.

    Find your local Neighbourhood Committee 

    Neighbourhood Committees are formally constituted groups of residents and local representatives who actively work together to make a difference and improve their local communities and the services offered by L&Q.

    Committee members make decisions on how funding is awarded for projects that improve the community. For the Place Makers Local Fund, each Neighbourhood Committee will have a budget of £37,500 to distribute.

    The Place Makers Local Fund will give grants of a maximum of £10,000.


  • Place Makers Growth

    Projects further along the development process can apply to the Place Makers Growth programme to enable them to sustain their activities for the benefit of the communities in a way that aligns with the Foundation's strategic priorities and objectives.

    Funding aims to help organisations to expand or develop work that supports our residents. These will be organisations that are looking to grow their capacity or capability or are looking to expand their work into new areas of delivery.

    The Place Makers Growth Fund will give grants up to a maximum of £25,000. This can be for capital and revenue.

    The Growth Fund application process is live, the closing deadline is 1 April 2022 at 5pm. With a view to projects commencing delivery from May 2022 at the earliest.

    Please note that if you're currently in receipt of any Place Makers Local, Growth or Counties funding or have a project in delivery, you are ineligible to apply for this fund.

  • Place Makers Counties
    Place Makers Counties will offer small grants to benefit new communities where we're developing or improving homes.

    It aims to develop and support local, community-led and place-based projects that reflects the needs of the local area and the L&Q Foundation's broader strategic priorities.

    The Place Makers Counties Fund will give grants of a maximum of £10,000 and will be overseen by the L&Q Foundation and a local panel.
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Want to apply?

If you would like to apply for funding, you will need to fill in our online application form

The Place Makers Fund Prospectus

Find out more about the funds, eligibility criteria, and eligible and non-eligible costs

Featured case studies

The Feed Me Good chefs

Case study: Feed Me Good | Place Makers Local

Feed Me Good is based in Brent and is dedicated to helping diverse local communities combat health inequality through life skills projects
Older people posing in a studio booth

Case study: The Albany Audio Project | Place Makers Growth

The intergenerational project brings people together, develop a sense of unity, and produce creative output through radio
Junior filmmakers filming on footpath

Case study: The Junior Filmmakers Project | Place Makers Counties

Based in Milton Keynes, the Junior Filmmakers have developed ‘The Lewis Initiative’ in memory of Lewis Wenman

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