Our mission is to make a positive and lasting contribution to the neighbourhoods in which we work. 

A part of this we have L&Q Inclusion, an initiative that brings residents, staff and the community together to combat social exclusion.  

It’s designed to help achieve our objective through six main themes:  

Our care and support service users are able to apply for grants of up to £250 towards activities such as trips, sporting activities, meals out, parties, music events, arts workshops and outdoor activities. 

We’re setting up timebanks so that our service users can get involved in their local communities by sharing their skills and making new friends. 

Providing volunteering opportunities not only combats isolation and loneliness, it can also be beneficial for people affected by mental health issues. 

L&Q Living service users have access to a wide range of programmes that help provide opportunity. These include confidence building, job search training, job clubs, work placements, construction training and even starting up their own enterprise. 

We reach out to external organisations and businesses to offer them the chance to build social capital by providing free or discounted services to benefit our service users. 

Recognising and celebrating the help that people offer each other is an integral part of L&Q Inclusion. We host annual award ceremonies and large celebratory events including talent shows and dance contents.