Response to Mail on Sunday article

Published on 18/07/2022

Fiona Fletcher-Smith, L&Q Group Chief Executive, said:

“We are proud to promote equality for people from all backgrounds. Whilst we respect that individuals’ freedom to hold particular religious or other beliefs is absolute, we do not tolerate it when these beliefs are manifested in a way that is derogatory or offensive to others. Several of our residents raised complaints with us after reading the leaflet.

L&Q therefore has a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind – whether that be shown through actions or words in the workplace, made public on social media channels, or shared in other publicly available materials or forums.

This matter was investigated in accordance with L&Q’s policies and procedures, and in line with equalities legislation and the ACAS code of practice, and the appropriate action taken.

We have also engaged with our diversity networks during this case and are united in our commitment to a zero-tolerance approach.”