Response to BBC Panorama programme - 25/11/2020

Published on 26/11/2020

The BBC Panorama programme, "The Home I can't afford", broadcast on 25.11.2020 included a number of serious allegations about an L&Q property in east London as part of a wider investigation into Shared Ownership.   
L&Q was approached for comment by Panorama ahead of the programme being broadcast, and a full statement was provided.  
As a charitable, not-for-profit housing association, L&Q aims to be ethical and transparent, and support our customers in whatever way we can.       
In our view, the programme misrepresented the facts we provided. The programme featured a shared owner at a property in Hoxton, East London. As we made clear to Panorama, L&Q did not build this property, we are not the building owner (as L&Q leases our shared ownership properties from them), and a separate managing agent is responsible for carrying out works to the building.   
We fully appreciate the difficult situation faced by the resident featured in the programme. Any repairs required to this building are the responsibility of the building owner, and both L&Q and the resident are bound by the terms of their lease. Where additional repairs charges are necessary we are committed to supporting our residents and leaseholders to sustain their tenancies and leases by agreeing reasonable repayment plans. In this case we are continuing to work with the resident to find a manageable solution. 
L&Q makes every effort to ensure that all potential customers are made fully aware of their repairs obligations and given information about service charges and other costs before committing to purchase a shared ownership home. We are transparent in our marketing materials and on our