An update on our Building Safety Programme

Rob Nower, L&Q Director of Building Compliance

Published on 24/01/2023

Following new government guidance, L&Q is undertaking one of the UK's most extensive building safety programmes. This programme includes assessing and inspecting our tall apartment blocks and ensuring they meet the latest safety guidelines.

Since we started two years ago, we have made significant progress

We have assessed and inspected all of our over 18-metre blocks and have already begun on the blocks lower than 18 metres

More than 60% of affected residents have had the block they live in inspected. This amounts to over 20,000 families, and we're making excellent progress on the rest.

Where our inspections have shown that work is needed to bring the homes up to the new standards, we are scheduling the necessary work.

So far, we've started work on 61 buildings and upgraded the fire alarms in 3,000 homes.

This programme is a top priority for L&Q.

Not just because we want our residents to be safe in their homes but also because we know many residents are being asked for information by their lenders.

We are doing what we can to provide that information as soon as we can and to provide support wherever it is required.

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact our specialist team at