L&Q forms new Development and Sales team

Published on 17/08/2021

L&Q, one of the UK’s leading housing associations and residential developers, has today announced a reorganisation of its Development and Sales division.

The changes form part of L&Q’s landmark five-year Future Shape strategy, which is seeing it make changes to the way it operates, prioritising residents and putting operational excellence at the heart of everything it does.

L&Q’s Development and Sales division will no longer be organised regionally based on its projects inside London and across the wider country. Instead, it will be reorganised into four key functional departments, each with responsibility for key areas of activity, overseen by Vicky Savage, Group Director of Development and Sales. 

  • Development Growth, led by Jacqueline Esimaje-Heath, including Strategic Partnerships, , Business Development and Regeneration.
  • Development Delivery, led by Neil Davis, including Barking Riverside, L&Q’s in-house build, project management and aftercare functions.
  • Strategic Sales, led by John Lumley, including L&Q’s Sales and Marketing functions, Homeownership team and L&Q Estates, alongside L&Q’s stock rationalisation programme.
  • Strategic Services, led by Jan Mackey, including L&Q’s performance, policy and product functions, alongside L&Q’s grant programme.

The changes will result in a simpler structure, which is better equipped to deliver a consistent and reliable service to L&Q’s customers and across its projects and regions. Whilst it invests £1.9 billion into its existing homes and services, the organisation is also focused on delivering its 32,000-home development programme – one of the largest in the housing sector.

L&Q will retain its strong focus on in-house construction; alongside building new homes, this team will use its expertise to bear supporting the wider business in carrying out remediation and improvement works on existing homes.

The new structure will also see L&Q increase the number of trainees, apprentices and graduates it takes on, as the organisation invests in the next generation of development and construction leaders.

Vicky Savage, Group Director of Development and Sales at L&Q said, “The best organisations don’t stand still; they constantly evolve in response to changing circumstances. Over the past few years, L&Q has expanded into new areas – building and managing homes from London and the South East to Greater Manchester and the North West. We’ve expanded our in-house construction capability, acquired one of the UK’s leading strategic land businesses, and embraced the modern methods of construction agenda.

“As we look to the future, it’s right we take stock. We need to build sustainable safe high-quality homes and beautiful places that stand the test of time, whilst ensuring our residents and customers receive the best possible service from us. I’m confident we have a dynamic and talented team in place to deliver that agenda, as we move into the next chapter of our history.”