Group Director, Finance

Waqar has worked for L&Q for more than 20 years and was appointed Group Finance Director in 2008.

His priority has been to develop a management culture across L&Q that pursues our social objectives alongside a commercial approach. This includes empowering staff from all divisions to be creative, adopt a commercial approach balancing risk and reward and further our charitable goals to invest in our existing homes as well as build more affordable homes, strengthen independent living in communities and provide the best service at the most efficient cost. This means keeping it simple, working with partners and developing a strategy that maximises capacity for growth and investment while retaining the confidence of key stakeholders including staff, customers and funders.

Waqar has supported L&Q in taking on commercial activities and vertical integration in both operational and development functions to generate significant financial strength. Our significant Balance sheet, skilled workforce, strong reputation with funders and regulators make L&Q a key delivery partner for Government and the Housing world setting the platform  to deliver 100,000 new homes over the next ten years as well as investing over £2 billion in our existing homes. Waqar strongly believes that the housing crisis can only be tackled by working together with other smaller to medium sized Housing associations maximising their local skills and our financial strength. Our recent example of working with Trafford Housing Trust and the BAME London is an excellent example of delivering many more homes through collaboration. 

Taking on the Exec lead for the L&Q Foundation has enabled Waqar to further support the Foundation in creating long term sustainable partnerships with other like-minded charities investing in the social fabric of the areas that we work in. 

A key driver for Waqar is to provide opportunity and support the development of people in L&Q. He is a big supporter of the L&Q Foundation and encourages staff to take advantage of accredited qualifications offered through the academy. Waqar is keen to see the Academy offer life time career opportunities through apprenticeship and graduate schemes to our residents and people in our communities.