Moving home can be an exciting but stressful experience. Below we have set out some frequently asked questions that we hope will ease concerns.

Q: What are we offering current Excalibur residents?
A: All residents who took part in the ballot are given the option of a home on the new estate. We will provide:
  • Existing residents with the minimum of a new two-bedroom house on the estate, with some three and four-bedroom properties and wheelchair-standard bungalows available for those who need them
  • Over 55s accommodation for those who are interested
  • Individual private gardens with sheds for all houses and bungalows
  • Allocated parking for every home
  • Highly insulated homes with efficient heating systems to reduce heating costs

Q: How does regeneration differ from stock transfer?
A: Under a regeneration scheme the Excalibur estate will transfer from Lewisham Council to L&Q in phases rather than all in one go as it would have done in stock transfer. Each phase will only transfer to L&Q once it is fully vacant and ready for the new building to begin.

Q: Will my housing benefit entitlement be affected?
A: No, your ability to claim housing benefit will not be affected.

Q: What type of tenancy will I get?
A: All tenants will have an assured tenancy in their new home on the regenerated estate. L&Q have agreed to maintain your rights in the new homes so that they are similar to your existing rights with the council. This means residents will:

  • Keep the same rights of succession and survivorship as with Lewisham Council, meaning the same people can inherit your home. In addition, if you are a tenant who inherited their prefab, when you sign the new tenancy agreement you will start afresh with a new right to pass on your tenancy
  • Have the right to acquire instead of the right to buy. The right to acquire will allow tenants, providing they meet certain criteria, to buy their home at less than market value
  • Gain the right to approve any changes to the rights in the tenancy. This provides tenants with greater protection against changes to the tenancy than exists with the council

A full tenancy agreement, with all the rights and responsibilities, will be explained to you before moving into your new home.

Q: What about freeholders?
A: There are a number of options available to freeholders. They are as follows:

  • Option 1: Sell your home to Lewisham Council. You'll receive full market value for your home, andcan then find alternative accommodation for yourself elsewhere
  • Option 2: Become an equity owner (for resident freeholders only) and reinvest in a new property on the estate. You'll own a share of the new home and pay no rent on the share you don't own
  • Option 3: Purchase through New Build Homebuy Invest in a New Build Homebuy property either on the new estate or elsewhere, subject to meeting the HCAs eligibility criteria. You will own a share of the new home and pay rent on the remaining equity share that you do not own
  • Option 4: Become a tenant (for resident freeholders only) and become an L&Q tenant on the new estate with an assured tenancy

Individual circumstances and preferences will be discussed with freeholders prior to the decanting of their phase. Lewisham Council is currently negotiating with freeholders in phases one and two only.

Q:What is the home loss payment?
The Home Loss Payment is a statutory payment to compensate residents for the loss of their home. It is currently set by the government at £4,700. Any rent arrears on a tenants account at the time of their move will be deducted from this total.

Q:Who is entitled to it?
Secure tenants that have lived in their property for more than 12 months are entitled to the home loss payment. There is one payment per household.

Q:When is the home loss payment received?
The payment is made after you move into your new property, via bank transfer or cheque. Payments can take up to twelve weeks to arrive, but are generally much quicker.

Q:What is the disturbance payment?
The disturbance payment covers all reasonable costs associated with a residents move eg removal costs, reconnections of cookers, washing machines, phone lines, redirection of post etc.

Q:When is the disturbance payment received?
Removal costs are paid by the council directly to the removal company. Most removal companies can reconnect cookers and washing machines during the move so any costs for re-connections will be paid as part of the removal cost. For other costs such as post redirection and phone connection charges, receipts should be passed to Lewisham so that residents can be reimbursed.

Q: Is any payment given for the second-hand value of carpets, curtains etc.?
A: Yes This is an ex-gratia payment made to cover the second hand value of flooring and curtains based on the age and condition of the originals.