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  • Conference season part 3


    At the crack of dawn on Monday I set off for Manchester and the Conservative Party Conference.

  • Last Sunday I set off for the Labour conference. As I approached Brighton I recalled this time two years ago, the hardest Labour conference I had ever attended.

  • Conference season – Part 1


    At this time of year I take a deep breath and plunge into the conference season. First the National Housing Federation in Birmingham, then Labour in Brighton and then Conservative in Manchester.

  • Now what?


    So it's a hung parliament. Now what? Do we get Theresa May's 1.2 million homes or Corbyn's 1 million homes or Farron's 300,000 homes each year? All of them? Or none of them?

  • Who gets my vote?


    Today I finally got round to reading the manifestos. As I sit here in Pret a Manger looking out over Trafalgar Square in the city of L&Q’s birth, who offers the best deal for London?

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