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Major repair works

These are usually defined as large-scale improvements to your building or estate
Major works include items such as window or roof renewal, installation of door entry systems, and the decoration of communal and external areas.

You can only be charged for major works in accordance with your lease agreement.

If you have purchased your property as a shared owner, or a leaseholder you will be responsible for paying a proportion of the major or planned works at your block or estate. You will only be charged as per the terms of your lease and will not subsidise any other residents or properties.

If you purchased your property under a statutory scheme like Right to Buy or Right to Acquire, we will have notified you of any planned works which are due to be carried out during the first five years of your lease. We can only charge you in connection with the works listed (plus an allowance for inflation).

Reserve or sinking funds

If you have a reserve or sinking fund, we will use the money in this fund for any major or planned works.

The fund cannot be used for day to day maintenance items and is only for use towards major items such as roof renewals, window replacements, external and internal (communal) decorations.

Your liability for major works

We must advise you of your liability for any major works that are to be carried out.

Once the works are completed we will calculate the actual cost to you and issue an invoice. If you have a sinking fund and it is enough to cover the cost of the works, we will send you a statement of accounts rather than an invoice.

By law we must send out the final costs within 18 months of first incurring the costs. We will normally send out invoices within six months of works completing.

If you have any queries about the works, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service centre at your earliest opportunity.

Help and support

If you are aged 60 or over, are disabled or have a disabled person living with you, you can apply to the Home Improvement Trust to ask about financial assistance packages.

To find out more, visit the Government website.