L&Q provide quality homes for vulnerable adults and young people who need help to live independently.

This includes accommodation intended for older people, and a range of other housing for those with other needs including:

  • learning difficulties
  • young people
  • mental health problems
  • drug and alcohol misuse problems
  • people that need help to gain the skills and confidence to live on their own and manage their household and tenancy

L&Q work with a range of agencies who employ and manage the staff that work in our properties providing the support and/or care services.

L&Q will provide housing management services for some residents and this will include things like:

  • maintenance, cleaning and gardening
  • dealing with anti-social behaviour
  • assisting people who wish to transfer to another home

Where appropriate the agency will also provide the housing management services to our residents.


We at L&Q do understand that some residents may find themselves in situations that might put their tenancy at risk. The KiT service (Keep it as in Keep your Tenancy) tries to help residents to deal with a range of problems that may put their home at risk such as high rent arrears or anti-social behaviour.

The service aims to help residents to keep their homes by helping them to address the situation they are in.

If you feel that you would benefit from some short term help to deal with a problem relating to your tenancy, please talk to your Neighbourhood Services or Revenue officer. If appropriate they will refer your details for an assessment by our KiT team, to work out whether we may be able to help you.

How to contact L&Q

If you live in supported housing owned by L&Q, in most cases you will have support provided by another organisation. If you have an issue relating to your support service we advise that you contact your support provider directly.

If you need to contact L&Q in relation to housing management or revenue matters you should talk to your Tenancy Services Officer or your Revenue Officer.