With the introduction of Universal Credit, some L&Q residents may be affected by the Direct Payments Pilot Scheme.

If you live in either SE10 or the London Borough of Newham and have been asked to take part in the Direct Payments Pilot Scheme, please complete and return the form that will have been sent to you.

What are direct payments?

Under Universal Credit, people who received housing benefit will be paid the money towards their housing costs directly from the DWP. This means it will be paid straight into their bank accounts instead to their landlord. Residents affected by this change will need to make sure that they are aware of this and make the appropriate payment to L&Q to cover their rent.

The Direct Payments Pilot Scheme is happening in various postcodes in Greenwich and the entire London Borough of Newham and we've asked local residents to send us their bank details and some information about themselves. Once we receive this, Greenwich will pay housing benefit directly to you and you'll need to make arrangements to pay this to us. You'll receive the money every four weeks Greenwich will tell you the exact days. 

Some residents may need additional support to manage this. Currently we are researching what kind of support to give residents and which existing support services will work best. This pilot will help us test our services and work with you to make sure the support services we offer are as helpful as possible. 
If you've been asked to take part in this pilot scheme and would like further information or advice, contact us.