If you are worried about being able to pay your rent, you should ask for advice now. If you don't pay your rent you could lose your home, so it is important that you speak to us.

We have dedicated teams and services which can help you with the following:

Increasing earnings through work

We run a range of employability and training projects that can help you get into paid work.

We also run a range of training courses and events to help you gain skills and experience that will assist you in the work place. To find out more please visit our events page.

Managing your money and debt

We have a range of specialist advice services that might be able to help you manage your money and debt including:

  • Telephone advice through our Your Money team
  • Specialist debt, welfare and money advice in some areas in partnership with local Citizen's Advice Bureaux
  • Practical help and support

By talking to us, we will understand what you need and will refer you to a service that can help you. Please contact us to discuss.

You can also check your benefit entitlement using our free benefits calculator.

Reducing your energy bills

We can help you save money by reducing your energy bills. Our EnergySave project will be visiting thousands of homes over the next two years, installing energy-saving equipment and providing you with expert energy advice. The programme will be delivered both on your doorstep and through our EnergySave website.

Please contact us for more information.

Housing options

If you want to downsize to a smaller property or move to a cheaper area, we can discuss the different options available to you. You can find out more on our moving home page.

You could also increase your income by taking a lodger.

Planning for Universal Credit

Universal Credit was launched in October 2013 for some benefit claimants. There are a number of differences between claiming Universal Credit and the benefits you may be used to receiving. By understanding how Universal Credit works and planning in advance, you can make the move as easy as possible.

We can offer you help and support to do this. Please contact us.

You can find out more on our Universal Credit page.

What else can I do?

You can also:

  • Contact your council to ask about extra financial help. Councils have a limited amount of money available to make discretionary payments towards housing costs (known as discretionary housing payments). Your council may prioritise your claim if you have a disability and your house has been adapted
  • Find a local Citizen's Advice Bureaux
  • Get more information about the cap on benefits by calling the Government's information line on 0845 605 7064
  • Visit the Money Advice Service website for advice on benefit changes and budgeting


Not sure how you will be affected by changes to benefits?

Find out using our free welfare reform calculator.

Maximise your benefits

Are you claiming everything you can?  Find out using our free online benefits calculator.