Resident thrilled with new wheelchair-friendly kitchen and bathroom

Published on 08/03/2024

A Camberwell resident says he finds it much easier to cook and clean after his kitchen and bathroom were replaced as part of L&Q’s Major Works Investment Programme.

Ian Ricketts, who uses a wheelchair, was initially offered a new kitchen, fitted by L&Q’s partner, Axis, as part of the 15-year programme.

Mr Ricketts says L&Q went above and beyond by working with occupational health advisors to make sure that his new cooker and sink were installed at a suitable height.

He said: “It was a bit of a stretch to get to them before. 

“They lowered it, which is just amazing. It’s so much better. It's much easier to wash up and it’s far less dangerous to cook. 

“I’ve always cooked before, but I had to use a perching stool, which made it awkward.

“It’s much easier now. I made spaghetti bolognaise the other day and was able to chop up all the vegetables and it was so much better.

“The workmen were really good. They were done within a week and they did a great job.

”Before the work started, it was identified that Mr Ricketts would also benefit from a new bathroom. 

As a result, a new shower, toilet, new flooring, tiling and panelling were also fitted. 

“The toilet was so low I’d had to put an extender on to make it higher so I could get off,” Mr Ricketts continued.

“I feel really happy that I got a new bathroom as well.

“Stacy at Axis was really helpful. And the woman from L&Q went above and beyond. I didn’t think I’d be able to have a lower cooker or sink, so I was going to make do but she went out of her way to make sure I got these.”

“They even fitted a new induction hob which cools down quickly, so it’s much safer.”


Ian Ricketts sat in his wheelchair at his accessible kitchen


The work is part of L&Q’s Major Works Investment Programme, which will see the organisation invest around £3bn over 15 years to improve the safety, comfort and environmental performance of residents’ homes.

Mark Newstead, Director of Major Programmes at L&Q, said:

“The Major Works Investment Programme is so much more than numbers. 

“We're committed to enhancing the lives of residents by improving their homes. 

“We’re so glad Mr Ricketts is pleased with his new tailored kitchen and bathroom, and we really feel this reflects the spirit of the programme. It’s about making differences in the everyday lives of residents.”

Stacey Trotman, Site Manager for Axis, said:

“I’m so pleased Mr Ricketts has benefitted from his new kitchen and wet room. To hear great reviews from residents is wonderful.”