L&Q publishes diversity and fair pay reports

Published on 04/01/2024

The diversity report is a snapshot of L&Q’s staff body from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 and documents the progress made in the areas of diversity and inclusion, as well as future initiatives planned to continue improving colleague representation.

Since our last report, we’ve been using our improved data to develop a deeper understanding of our diversity gaps and inform further action.

Our broad colleague base is representative of the demographic makeup of the areas we draw our colleagues from, except for our lower disability representation.

We have strong LGBT+ representation at L&Q which is replicated at a senior leadership level. We also have a diverse Group Board and a good mix of representation across different demographics.

The pay gap section demonstrates a fall in the gender pay gap from 7.12% to 6.41% as more women are accessing higher-paid roles.

The median ethnicity pay gap is at 2.8% in our latest report. Whilst this is higher than last year, there is an ongoing, very low ethnicity pay gap due to ethnic minority colleagues taking up senior roles in the organisation.

Our reporting exceeds the regulatory requirements which relate to gender only, as we extend the pay gap analysis to disability and ethnicity. In publishing our disability pay reporting, we have joined the minority of organisations that currently do so.

David Codner, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, said:

“Our D&I vision is unequivocal: we want to be a fair and inclusive employer and landlord that represents the diverse communities we serve.

"Success lies with our people and bringing increased diversity of thought and background into the way we work, deliver services and develop our organisation. That’s why we continue to open up pathways into leadership roles that address the glass ceiling for underrepresented colleagues.

"We’re pleased with the progress we’ve made but acknowledge there is still room for improvement. Our focus is on continuing to embrace equitable practices that enhance our understanding of our residents and foster high-performing teams with diverse perspectives.

"We’re also taking additional steps to create a culture where colleagues feel empowered to disclose their disabilities, all whilst safe in the knowledge that it won’t negatively impact their employment."

Read our Annual Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report (including the Fair Pay Report) 2022/23 (PDF)