L&Q is helping children and young people study in peace

Published on 23/05/2022

L&Q in partnership with building supplier Travis Perkins has provided London charity TechAid with funding for 150 noise-cancelling headphones to help children and young people who live in busy homes to study.

This follows a similar successful joint project when we delivered refurbished laptops and smartphones in 2020.

TechAid distributed noise-cancelling headphones to schools, children’s support services, and the Saphire Community Group. The Sapphire Community Group support young people with depression and anxiety, and vulnerable adults isolated from their communities.

Just over half of the headphones were given to children under 18. All of them were from low-income households.

In schools, the headphones are part of the technology programme with a range of lessons from virtual reality trips to countries and landmarks, to making music and explore beat making.

James, a deputy headteacher at a South London school, said:

“We are a school with low-income families and large families that are in social housing. These are families that would not normally be able to afford tech like this to help their children,”

“They can use the noise-cancelling technology to work on their homework without the constant distraction and disturbance from others living there. This will directly impact their learning and ability to progress while at home. You made their year with your generosity.”