A message for residents, from Gerri Scott, Group Director, Customer Service

Published on 20/05/2021

As you may have seen, yesterday L&Q were featured on ITV News, when they screened a truly shocking case study of a severely disabled resident left to suffer in a mould infested home for the past two years.

I cannot express how appalled and ashamed myself and my colleagues are that we let this happen. No one should have to endure such awful conditions in their home, and feel so uncared for by their landlord.

We have apologised unreservedly to the resident featured, have provided him with temporary accommodation, and are doing everything we can to provide him with the home he deserves.

I am reaching out to you now because I want to reassure you that we are deeply committed to making sure that no one else has to tolerate such terrible issues in their home.

We have pledged to deliver a vision that everyone deserves a quality home that provides them with the opportunity to live a better life. It is our duty to treat you as individuals and show you empathy, keep you safe, and provide you with homes and services that we would be happy for our loved ones to experience.

We know we have things to fix – our new five year strategy sets out how we will invest in and improve our homes and services, but we will not succeed if we don’t show more care for our residents.

We’ve recently been speaking to residents about the things that L&Q can do better. You’ve told us that we need to communicate more and respond to you more quickly. Many of you have said that you contact us time and time again and don’t get the response you need.

It’s my personal ambition to make sure that every single one of you gets the service you deserve, so I am asking you today to let me know if L&Q has let you down, so that I can start to put this right. You can do this by emailing me at Gerri@lqgroup.org.uk


I’m hopeful that many of you receiving this will have had a positive experience in your home – perhaps you were helped by some of the L&Q colleagues and teams who performed fantastic and selfless acts to get our residents through the pandemic, or you are part of the many and varied community projects we support. But to those of you for whom this isn’t the case I want to offer my most sincere apologies and reassure you that should we let you down there will be consequences.

Best wishes and thanks,

Gerri Scott
Group Director of Customer Service